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Yoko wall and Birthday cake =D

Hahaha, I should had post this over a week ago, but it was a really loooong week Y_Y. Like every year, I made a wallie for Yoko's birthday and a cake to celebrate mine and his birthday the 9th :).

This time I made the wallie in two sizes: 1024x768 and 1366x768. If someone want this in another size, I could try to do it =). Hope you like it~♥

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To the wonder boy with all my love

When I saw the sad news yesterday, I was shocked and then I cried... I was thinking how much he loves his mom and can't believe it. I love writing. But yesterday I wasn't sure if I could write something, today, after seeing that. So I needed to take away all this feelings I have inside my heart and keep smiling, like Yoko, who really is a strong boy ='). So, I wrote this story, about Yoko and his beloved mother. May she rest in peace. I know she will 'cause she have a wonderful son ^^.

I wrote it in english and spanish. English isn't my first language so, FEEL FREE to correct all the mistakes. I know there are a lot D:
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Kyuu Jo Show screencaps ^^

I made a lot of screencaps of the PV, to use for graphics. I think this is usefull not only for me but for all of you who makes graphics in the community.

Caution: There are so many images, 1133 x'Du. I delete a lot (I've 2500 at the firs time xP). I uploaded it to mediafire in four parts (45mb for each part...).

The folder is here:  Kyuu jo show!! Screencaps

And here I have a more complete capture of the part when Maru change of black and white to colours =3.

Have fun with it, tha quality is not the best but I think you'll find it usefull n_n.